SF Giants 2010

Just because I moved from Cali to Seattle 4 years ago doesn’t mean I don’t still bleed orange and black.  Today the SF Giants beat the Astros 5-2 in their season opener.  I was a bit nervous since the Giants Ace Tim Lincecum had a shaky spring training… however I was pleasantly surprised.  Lincecum had […]


I started a new job last summer and one of my favorites aspects has been the exposure to Linux.  I have been a “Windows” system admin for 10 years now so it feels good to learn something new.  I am still working with Windows, but 2 of the projects I have been working on are […]

Superbowl XLIII

The 2008 NFL season will come to an end tomorrow and with it I see a huge sea change. Jon Gruden is no longer the hard working genius, Shananhan isn’t untouchable, and Dungy decided to retire while Peyton is still in his prime. It doesn’t stop at the coaching level though… here are the last […]

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