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Running Resources

Every time I start a new hobby (fantasy football, cycling, running) I always try and find the most efficient tools to help me get going.  Here are a few things that have helped me so far in my quest for running a Marathon:

  • Gmaps Pedometer:
    • I use this to plan out my routes before I run, the best part is you can save your routes.
  • Runkeeper (iPhone/Web App):
    • By far the best iPhone app for tracking where you ran, how fast, elevation change.  It also overlays it on top of Google Maps… very cool.
  • Shot Bloks:
    • One pack contains 6 little energy jello shots.  I typically eat 1 every other mile… make sure you have water to help wash it down.
  • Clif Bar:
    • I usually eat one of these right when I get back from a run.  I tend to be really hungry when I get back and it always hits the spot.  My favorite flavor is Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch.
  • Nip Guards:
    • Every time I run over a hour my nipples chaff really bad.  So… yeah, they have a funny name, but Nip Guards does the trick.  I am not going into more detail.
  • Nike+
    • This is a poor man’s Runkeeper.  I wouldn’t recommend using this at all.  It isn’t accurate (it said I ran 15.5 miles, it was only 14), it doesn’t show you where you ran, or elevation.  I used it a few times and then moved on to Runkeeper.
  • Friends/Family
    • Most of all, if you have really supportive people in your life it helps out more than all of these cool tools.  My family and friends have been super supportive and it always helps when I am huffing it up a hill half way through my run.

I am always looking for recommendations for running resources.  Leave me a comment if you have any other thoughts…


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  1. Runkeeper.
    Now *that’s* something I could use the iphone for. Very cool.
    iPhone: +1

    Where do you keep the thing when you run though? Not to mention your water and shot blocks. Do you have a running fanny pack or something?


  2. Hey Jim… I bought a little arm band to keep my iPhone in. I keep the shot blocks in my pocket, and I carry the water bottle in my hand switching off every mile. So yeah its a lot of stuff, but when you’re out there for 2 or 3 hours it helps out a lot.


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