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kick in the pants

Last year I set out to read 12 books… 1 a month.  Sounds simple enough.  Well, I hit a 1200 page wall named Atlas Shrugged.  I will admit that I was enjoying the book, but damn it was big and heavy!  I just hated looking at how many pages I had left.  So it sits on my bookshelf waiting to be finished.

That was June… what happened to July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec?  Good question.  My great “book project” of 2010 had its highs and lows.  The high was without a doubt The Power of One. The low wasn’t Atlas Shrugged, I really was enjoying it… the low was just the fact that I didn’t have the endurance to finish.

As I was sitting at my brother-in-laws house in Portland during Christmas he was telling me about this book he read about the Vietnam war called Matterhorn. It was exactly what I needed.  I read the book in a few weeks and it even inspired me to start a book club at work.

I am excited for 2011, I have a couple recommendations from my all-star recommender (Nan-bot) and a few books that should challenge me as well.  Atlas Shrugged is not on the list for 2011, maybe I’ll try to tackle in 2012… maybe.


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