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Superbowl XLIII

The 2008 NFL season will come to an end tomorrow and with it I see a huge sea change. Jon Gruden is no longer the hard working genius, Shananhan isn’t untouchable, and Dungy decided to retire while Peyton is still in his prime.

It doesn’t stop at the coaching level though… here are the last 3 MVP’s (not counting this year’s Manning)

2005 | Shaun Alexander, who this season did his best impersonation of Johnny Drama while trying out for any team that would answer the phone.

2006 | LaDainian Tomlinson, who after averaging close to 400 touches a season throughout his career looks closer to Emmitt on the Cards, then Emmitt on the Cowboys.

2007 | Tom Brady, who is still sitting on the couch with this leg up hoping that Gisele isn’t eyeing Big Ben.

Who will fill the void in the upcoming seasons? Well, we do have some promising young QBs such as Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, and Matt Ryan. It will also be interesting to see if the Vikings can surround Adrian Peterson with some talent before they run him into the ground the same way the Chargers did with LT. And can the Saints figure out Reggie Bush? I still remember the Saints in the NFC championship against the Bears. They had the lead after Reggie Bush ran for a long touchdown, but towards the end of the run he turned around and taunted the closest defender. That was just what the Bears needed, the Saints ended up losing the game and haven’t been back to the playoffs since.

I’ve always heard that the NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league, and looking at the way things change so fast I guess it is true. Peyton Manning seems to be still going strong, but just as he inherited the “face of the league” from Brett Farve, he will have to pass it on to someone else soon.


Superbowl XLIII prediction:

Cardinals 21 – Steelers 17


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  1. Remember when I thought LT was little time?
    I can’t believe you aren’t backing the Steelers. You know I don’t like football but have to back the Steelers. We are going to Forada for at least part of the game. What are you doing?


  2. oh boy. You had to bring up the taunting by Reggie didn’t you?

    Post football depression is settling in. I will postpone these thoughts until the start of next season. Keep your eye out for an improved NFC machine. The New Orleans Saints.


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