Is Barack Obama Muslim?

As I was enjoying the sound of Kelly’s voice in the other room as she talked on the phone with a friend… I heard the subject of politics come up. This surprised me a bit due to the fact that she generally doesn’t talk politics all that much. All of sudden she walked downstairs and said… “Is Barack Obama Muslim?”

I said “No, he is a defiantly a Christian, where did you come up with that?” Her friend’s Grandpa had told her that he was Muslim.

Do we live in a country where even though there is 40 minute video called ‘Reconciling Faith and Politics’ on we can get issues so confused? Are we that uninformed? Am I uninformed?

This is a testament to the importance of pursuing and living in a diverse community. A place that challenges your thoughts and convictions. A place where tough issues can be discussed as respectful adults.

I feel like I am in that place… though I often take all the knowledge and thought around me for granted. I am known to be quite hard-headed, but I am learning a lot about tough ‘gray’ issues and a lot about myself.

For example… even though I haven’t been able to formulate my thoughts just yet, there is an interesting debate going on at my pastors blog regarding the “Gay Conversation“.

What are you thoughts people? Are we uninformed? If so… why?

Insight from Chip

I follow Chip Ingram’s blog and he had some great practical advice today:

You really get to know someone a lot better working with them and trying to accomplish something bigger than yourselves than you do by just sitting around a table talking.

I have encountered two examples of this theory as of late. Over the last couple months my wife and I were stuck in our garage putting up a garage door opener and I learned that she has a great ability to organize her thoughts and visualize a 2d drawing into a real life project.

Then just last weekend I went on a 25 mile bike ride (Seattle to the Mercer Island Loop and back) with my neighbor and we actually had a great conversation about work, life, fatherhood, dreams for our marriages, and the beauty of the Seattle area.

I guess Chip knows a thing or two about connecting with people. I am going to strive to be involved in more activities outside of just sitting at a cafe or on the sofa with someone.

Here is the blog post I was referring to:

2 month project…

Well this weekend Kelly and I finally got our garage door opener installed. It took a good 2 months but we did it!! The whole experience turned out to be great for team building. She was definitely the project manager and I the laborer…

It feels great to have completed our first “big” home improvement project. Although I feel like there are many more to come, and oddly enough I welcome them… just don’t tell Kelly.

Steve, Tom, Aaron

Tonight Kelly and I watched our wedding video for the first time. Kelly Cone and her boyfriend Fritz were kind enough to record and edit the video for us. Thanks you guys!!

As we were watching the video Kelly cried more then a few times… I think she really misses her friends and family. We now live about 800 miles from those close friends and it has been hard on her. What I didn’t realize is that I really miss my buddies too. I don’t know what has happened between my friend Tom and I. We were tight… he moved to Seattle and we had a hard time adjusting for some reason. I am going to make a huge effort to pursue him as he is one of the greatest men I have ever met.

As for Aaron (da chef) he was my co-worker at HCC and turns out he also got a job where I work now. I received a call from him a couple weeks ago that shook me up. He called me out on our friendship. He asked me point blank why we were drifting apart. I felt like a total hypocrite… I always thought of myself as the guy that would bring up stuff like that. Aaron — thank you and I will certainly work harder at our friendship.

Steve — stud at seminary (demanding the big stage) haha… j/k kidding Steve-o. When watching the wedding video tonight we came upon the best man speech and Steve was talking about the early days of our friendship (talking computers, football) and then he had to pause… almost to catch himself from crying (I know I was close), he started talking about our days in a small group at MVC. Those were days of growth and relationships that I doubt I will ever reach again. I miss Steve like crazy. He is certainly the brother I never had.

Friendship is so hard… why is that? People come in and out of your life so my advice to all of you out there is to really truly enjoy your current relationships. Relish each moment because time flies and they won’t always be there.

Quest – Interbay

This past weekend the church that Kelly and I attend merged with another church called Interbay.

I find this is be quite interesting due to the fact that you really don’t see a lot of churches in the inner city. Typically churches will close down there doors, sell the property to a developer that will want to build condos and then move the congregation out to the ‘burbs.

Not Quest and Interbay. They are going to continue to spread the love and grace of Christ to Seattleites.

A couple posts on the merger from Pastor Eugene:
an incredible legacy
we are one

It was also covered by one of the local papers:
2 very different Seattle churches decide to unite

Bonds [756]

First of all I will admit that I am a huge baseball fan and in particular I am a fan of the history of baseball. One of the great things about following baseball are the statistics. I can still remember when I was a kid going through my massive collection of baseball cards memorizing league leaders in HRs, RBI’s, BA, etc…

There are a few numbers that were burned into my mind:


For all you true baseball fans, those numbers are as easy to remember as your cell number, home address, and birth date.

My favorite player when I was growing up was Ken Griffey Jr. He was drafted #1 overall by the Seattle Mariners in 1987. He made his major league debut in 1989 right about the time I was starting to follow baseball. I was 10 years old and was filling my head with stats, stats, and more stats. I also remember reading an article talking about how special the 500 home run club was. I wondered… would I see someone get to that milestone.

As of May 22, Bonds is at 745 HRs. 11 HRs from breaking the all-time home run record. Now that I have a chance to see someone not only reach the 500 HR plateau, but actually break the record I don’t know how to feel. Obviously the record is tainted… I really do feel cheated. I feel like that little starry-eyed 10 year old Shane is seeing all the stats he loved just blown up into little pieces.

I am not blaming Bonds for taking this special occasion away from me. I truly blame the owners of the baseball teams. That’s right I said the owners. You see when the MLB players decided to strike in the fall of 1994 it had a huge impact on baseball. Fans were fed up with the greedy owners and players. When baseball resumed in the spring of 1995, attendance dropped to all-time lows. The owners were losing money with all those empty seats. So did they really question things when all of the sudden people like Sammy Sosa were hitting 60+ HRs in 3 out of 4 years when it had only been done twice previous to that?

Look right at me… I want you to understand this:

Baseball didn’t even have a policy on Steroid use until 2002

Before 2002, Major League Baseball had no official policy on steroid use among players. As part of a collective bargaining agreement, players and owners agree to hold survey testing in 2003. If more than 5% of results from the anonymous tests are positive, formal testing and penalties will be put into place the next year.

What do you all think about the record? Are you ok with it? Leave your comments folks!

Upgraded to WordPress 2.2

Ok, I am a total computer geek that needs to be on bleeding edge of everything tech-wise. After work I upgraded my blog from wordpress 2.13 to 2.2

Alright… I really can’t tell a difference, but it is supposed to be a little faster. We’ll see…

I guess the more important thing is that my first upgrade to my website on a linux server went smoothly. John Savel would be proud!! I signed the deployment tech section of the project docs…

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