State of Mass Transit in Seattle

Today I took the bus home. 10 miles. 1 hour 25 minutes. That is an average of just over 7mph.

Really? This is an alternative to driving? Driving takes me anywhere from 25-40 min. I know that taking the bus is very “green” but come on. 2 hours and 50 min round trip or 50 min? Which would you choose?

Well, I may have found some middle ground. Until it is warm enough in the morning to bike the whole way, tomorrow what I am going to try is biking it to I90 and then taking the 550 bus over the lake. That should take quite a bit less time and still should be better for the environment then driving.

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  1. It’s an unfortunate trade off. That 3 hour commute eats the time you have left in the day after work to do daily chores.

    I guess you could just sleep less.


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