The last two nights I have averaged 13 mph commuting from Bellevue to Seattle. I don’t know why it has been wearing on me so much lately… really all you are doing is sitting down and from time to time moving your hand a bit to guide the car down the road. It could be that I haven’t seen the Sun outside of work in a while. Friday the sun rises at 7:54am and sets at 4:19pm. Darkness… rain… long commutes…

Would it be better to take the bus to work?? I know it will take longer and I have to transfer but at least I will be able to read or listen to a podcast or two. I have been thinking about cutting down on the cost of gas and just in general being more “green” by taking the bus 3 days a week. That would lower my commuting costs by 60%… hmmm not to bad!! In fact, yeah… I think I will take the bus tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

Alright folks… now I want some feedback from you. How is your commute? Do you drive? Bus? Bike? Walk??

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  1. What’s up chief? Long time no talk.I was traveling up to Sacramento, Stockton and Turlock area and decided to drive down to Hilmar for old times sake. Apparently you are no longer there. I just wanted to say what’s up, how you are doing and talk about Fantasy football..hope all is well.

    Kam “a blast from the past”


  2. yeah, you know i’ve got a similar commute to the eastside. before work got crazy busy, i was carpooling with Lav 2 times a week, taking the bus home 2-3 times a week, and driving solo the rest of the time. i usually try to avoid peak traffic times, so heading to the gym before 7 a.m. usually gets me there in 15 min. but i’m pretty surprised and disappointed at how few mass transit options there are here in seattle… back in SF, people complain a lot about the traffic, but there was always BART, so i never drove.

    hope the bus worked out for you…


  3. I live in Tucson and commute to a small town east on I-10 called Benson, which is about 60 miles away. The drive is a breeze and usually takes me about 50 minutes both to and from work. I leave at about 5:30 am and come home at 5:00pm. Also, I work 4x10s, which saves me a great deal on gas and wear and tear on my Sonata. I average about 80MPh once I hit the freeway. Wow…don’t know if I could handle such a slow commute.


  4. commuting sucks… just getting down bellevue way to my pad in the bus during mariners traffic is shit… but tack on the I-90 bridge and i can understand the dilemma


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