Steve, Tom, Aaron

Tonight Kelly and I watched our wedding video for the first time. Kelly Cone and her boyfriend Fritz were kind enough to record and edit the video for us. Thanks you guys!!

As we were watching the video Kelly cried more then a few times… I think she really misses her friends and family. We now live about 800 miles from those close friends and it has been hard on her. What I didn’t realize is that I really miss my buddies too. I don’t know what has happened between my friend Tom and I. We were tight… he moved to Seattle and we had a hard time adjusting for some reason. I am going to make a huge effort to pursue him as he is one of the greatest men I have ever met.

As for Aaron (da chef) he was my co-worker at HCC and turns out he also got a job where I work now. I received a call from him a couple weeks ago that shook me up. He called me out on our friendship. He asked me point blank why we were drifting apart. I felt like a total hypocrite… I always thought of myself as the guy that would bring up stuff like that. Aaron — thank you and I will certainly work harder at our friendship.

Steve — stud at seminary (demanding the big stage) haha… j/k kidding Steve-o. When watching the wedding video tonight we came upon the best man speech and Steve was talking about the early days of our friendship (talking computers, football) and then he had to pause… almost to catch himself from crying (I know I was close), he started talking about our days in a small group at MVC. Those were days of growth and relationships that I doubt I will ever reach again. I miss Steve like crazy. He is certainly the brother I never had.

Friendship is so hard… why is that? People come in and out of your life so my advice to all of you out there is to really truly enjoy your current relationships. Relish each moment because time flies and they won’t always be there.

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  1. it’s tough to figure some things out, and there are no reasons to justify explanation. the way that i look at it, everyone is living their lives, as simple as that. we are still the same people, just dealing with outside factors. i won’t say i called anyone out on anything. i just decided to call, and ask some questions, and i’m glad i did. i expect you to the do the same, and i think you would. but i think the right thing was done, and friendships are always a work in progress, just like marriage, or anything else for that matter. thanks for being cool, that is all i ask for. ciao!


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