The last 10 days my wife and I have had quite a few visitors in our home. Last weekend we had the honor of having my mom fly out from Minnesota to visit us. She has been going through some hard times with the illnesses of her mother and sister-in-law so we thought it would be nice to have her out for a relaxing weekend.

Then Tuesday night we had our “C Group” over from church. We host this group on a weekly basis. Typically there are around 8 – 10 that show up. We have dinner together, share stories, and pray for each other.

Wednesday night we had our next door neighbors over for dinner. I have to say my wife Kelly has become quite the cook. We had cashew chicken and it was excellent! It was really nice to get to know our neighbors a little bit better. They are currently engaged (to be married next spring) so maybe we can be hopefully help them out in the next few stressful months as we went through the same thing a year ago.

Finally tonight we hosted two of my co-workers and close friends, Dale and Aaron. Kelly cooked chicken curry and we watched the Golden State – Utah basketball game. It was a great night… even though Derek Fisher absolutely killed the warriors in the 4th quarter with 14 points!!

I guess what I am getting at in this post is that God has decided to bless us enough financially to purchase a home and we feel so grateful to be able to share that with family and friends. Community is a strange and funny thing. It is so hard to get to a point where you are truly living in community – and often if you do get there, people move away or you drift apart somehow. I am happy to say that I think we are getting to know lots of people here in Seattle and that we aren’t just “talking” about community, but we are actively pursuing it.

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  1. shane,
    thanks for this great post. it’s very encouraging and speaks to me about the need to both talk and practice community. looking forward to getting together.


  2. definitely… good times indeed… much thanks for the hospitality… good friends & good times… namaste


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