Bonds [756]

First of all I will admit that I am a huge baseball fan and in particular I am a fan of the history of baseball. One of the great things about following baseball are the statistics. I can still remember when I was a kid going through my massive collection of baseball cards memorizing league […]


The last 10 days my wife and I have had quite a few visitors in our home. Last weekend we had the honor of having my mom fly out from Minnesota to visit us. She has been going through some hard times with the illnesses of her mother and sister-in-law so we thought it would […]


I want to thank Joe and David for commenting on my post regarding Religious Pluralism. However, I do want to clarify my thoughts… I fully support the separation of Church and State, and also the first amendment. My question was a theological one, not a political one. Let me restate it: By saying that we […]

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