Turlock 11 months later

As I sit at Christina’s in Turlock I can’t help but ask the question: Where is Steve?

The simple answer is Dallas Theological Seminary. The long answer is one of the great young men of the central valley in California left Turlock last fall to educate himself in Dallas Texas… the same place that his long distance mentor Chip Ingram went to. 2006 will be known as the year of the exodus for me… I left Turlock in March, Aaron in July, Steve in August, and Tom in September. You could also throw my wife in there… Aug of 2005.

Steve, Tom, and Aaron were the 3 guys in our wedding party. So when I return to Turlock for the first time (11 months) since I got married and none of those guys are here it feels quite strange.

The one constant that I still have is my great friend Marco. I can’t really explain to you how much Marco means to me. He is one of those guys that you know cares about you. He wears it right on his sleeve. You know when you see a baseball player really digging deep trying to make a double out of a single. That is the best word picture I can come up with in regards to Marco’s attitude towards our friendship.

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  1. twilight zone… i felt some similar feelings when i went back in late january… saw scott, don, marco… and even franky 4-fingers… same place, but somehow different… probably just because i wasn’t there any longer… trippy psychological battle… places and people that seem like yesterday, yet haven’t been seen for months on end… life is all about the journey.


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