State of the Union

Tomorrow my wife and I will return to California for the first time as a married couple. We met in California, dated for 6 years, got engaged, and also had our wedding there. We have waited 11 months before returning mainly to follow God’s command to leave, cleave, and weave. I am referring to Genesis 2:24 which Roy Chapin quoted during our wedding ceremony.

Honestly it has been quite hard leaving behind Hilmar Cheese Company, Monte Vista Chapel, and many good friends. We have found a church here in Seattle, but I still do have reservations about joining the church. We are finding that Genesis 2:24 is easier said than done.

I feel so blessed to be married to such a wonderful person, there is nothing like the sound of my wife talking to family in the other room. I could listen to her for hours. I will admit though… it was quite strange when we first moved in with each other. I found out how selfish I really was/am. I also found out that Kelly leaves the kitchen cabinets open all the time… and Kelly found out that I drink all of the juice in the house before she has a chance.

I have found a bit of success in my career in the IT field. Recently I was promoted from SysAdmin II to Sr. SysAdmin. There are quite a few really smart and talented people around me that I owe for allowing me to grow into role. It was also a bit of luck, in that the person directly above me left the company to work for Microsoft. I guess I am hard working and lucky…

Finding friends in the northwest has been quite interesting. I actually had 2 really close friends move from Turlock to Seattle within 7 months of me moving here. I am sad to say, that I am not as close to them now as I was back in Turlock. Maintaining friendships is also something that is easier said then done.

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  1. Hey – I sure hope I see you here in the big city of Turlock. People from Kurdistan are called “Kurds.” Are people from Turlock called “Turds?” Just wondering.


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