my wife has plenty of hobbies… speaking french, knitting, sewing, painting, reading, writing in her journal, sketching, etc…

me? I am a lazy bum. oh sure I feel that I work diligently at my career and that fills most of my day. But I don’t have much outside of that.

Some of my interests are economics, theology/Christianity, indie films…

I will have to come up with some more I guess.

I was watching Boyz n the Hood tonight and found inspiration from it actually. See the movie is about a kid growing up in south central L.A. His friends don’t have much direction in their life, however the main character ‘Tre’ has a father who “isn’t being hard on him, he’s just teaching him responsibility”. I can tell that Tre probably has quite a few hobbies/interests and that he is well rounded. While his buddies across the street are primarily one trick ponies that just drink beer and talk crap all day.

Anyway, I think that the TV/computer is really dragging me down lately. I live in this beautiful city and I am not out enjoying it. That will be my goal for the next 4- 6 weeks. Exploring parts of Seattle that I haven’t before. Tomorrow I will start with Ballard. I have a meeting at my church tomorrow mid morning so I will get up early and find a place to have breakfast in Ballard.

Sounds like a fine idea I must say!!


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