deer hunting

Every year from 1991 – 1998 I went deer hunting with my Dad. It was always an adventure and as I grow older I miss it more and more. For all of those people who think that you just go and ‘kill’ an animal it is much more. I sit in the cold, wait for hours and hours just to see a deer and if my eye is good enough I shoot the deer. Then I have to gut it, carry it out of the woods, and haul it back home. Then you clean it up, cut it up, fry it up, and then eat it up. So the next time that you have steak at a restaurant, just think to yourself who is a killer and who is a hunter. I work for my meat!! You just sit there and order it off of a menu and have someone else kill it for you.

Anyway, that is a my rant for the week…


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  1. Nice buck, Shane. Hey – I agree totally with your sentiments about shooting Bambie’s father! If someone does not approve of hunting then they should be a vegitarian! At least the deer has more of a chance than some poor cow in a slaughter house.


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