Awareness of God

The other day I was waiting at the airport and I decided to pray for multiple things but one of them was to be aware of God’s presence. Since I had a job interview the next day I brought my suit with me on the plane. I only had the jacket and pants in a small garment bag, so it was quite light, but I also had my carry on bag and laptop bag. So I was a bit nervous that they were going to make me either check my garment bag or stuff it into one of my other bags (making it all wrinkled). As I was boarding the plane I asked one of the stewardesses if I could hang up my garment bag somewhere. He said “No sir, I am sorry we have a full plane and we don’t allow garment bags”. I politely informed him of my pending job interview and flashed him a smile. He looked at me for a few seconds and said, “ahh, what the heck… hang it here in 1st class”. And he said it with a smile. Later on in the flight I saw him walking around joking with some of the passengers and just really loving other people. I sat there and just smiled to myself thinking that God was at work in that very person. It made the 2 hour flight much more enjoyable seeing God’s work at 30,000 feet in the sky.


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