back at it!! January Manifesto

  • Spiritual Goals
    • Read Book of Luke
    • Prayer with Demsin once a week
    • Start a Prayer Journal
    • Set aside 10 min a day to reflect on who God is and my role in his kingdom
    • Stay on top of Spiritual Formation and Essentials homework
    • Love others from the deep resources of your relationship with Jesus and not your own will power.
    • Repent from sin as early as possible by calling a confessing it to God, and notifying a group member of the sin.
  • Fellowship
    • Hang out with 1 member of small group once every week
    • Call parents once a week
    • Call sister once a week
  • Career
    • Study 2+ hours for MS Cert nightly
    • No sports websites at work
    • Follow up w/ Uncle once a week on Starbucks
    • Follow up with RHI on job find
  • Developing Intimacy with Kelly
    • Send Kelly a Card twice a month
    • Phone date once a week
    • Find a couple “little things” that I can do for Kelly
  • Misc
    • No Spending on credit card
    • Walk 1 mile every morning
    • Fast food and pizza limited to twice a month

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