Ephesians 5

Today started off like crap. I was entirely focused on the future and I believe that Satan tries to do that to people. I can’t control the future and it is stupid of me to waste my time worrying about it. So then I started to listen to a few sermons by Chip Ingram. Afterwards I was feeling like Tony the Tiger (GREAT!!) and then my buddy Steve called and we went and read Ephesians 5 at the local coffee house. Man, that chapter has so much to offer. I have decided to study it and make it the top issue to work on in my monthly manifesto:


Issue 1: Ephesians 5
Goal — Read and study 2 verses a day. That way I will read through the chapter twice in April.

Issue 2: (Same as last month) Diet
Goal — No pizza or fast food this month. Salad for dinner at least twice a week.

Issue 3: (Slightly revised from last month) Fitness
Goal — 30 minute walk everyday before work. Some other activity on the weekend (Biking, Basketball, Frisbee, etc..)

Issue 4: (Same as last month) Finances
Goal — No spending on my CC this month.


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